VARESE - Stikkar
VARESE - Stikkar
VARESE - Stikkar
VARESE - Stikkar
VARESE - Stikkar
VARESE - Stikkar


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Welcome summer in style with Varese sunglasses – one of our highest quality products designed with a classic look. These sunglasses will last through many seasons to come and most importantly designed for your comfort and protection. Our Varese Sunglasses are made with high quality durable lenses. These offer excellent shock resistance, are also lightweight and thin, but still provide highly effective UV protection. 

What is UV400 protection in sunglasses?                                                      

Sunglasses with UV400 protection can filter out up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays. This is slightly higher than what British Standards require for eye protection, which makes our sunglasses the best choice to ensure that your eyes are fully protected from sun damage.



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    “Sunglasses are like eye shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty.”

    - Karl Lagerfeld